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About Jen Smith graphic An interactive graphic with links to more info Projects An agency ratings app for Sign Language Interpreters Built using React.js with a Node.js backend Open Source in the Winter Cohort of an online Community working on a project in a team of Developers Udacity Gained a Nanodegree in Front End Web Development in August 2018 This was part of the Google scholarship Google From 100k applicants, down to 6k... I received a Google scholarship. It's been all go since! About Front End Web Developer Based in London, UK Freelance and open to job offers History Started career change in 2017 from Sign Language Interpreting Directorship, start up and digital marketing experience Interests #TechForGood #WomenInTech #Digital Platforms


What can I create for you?

  • I enjoy making small business websites and enabling businesses to increase their online impact.
  • I like to build mobile-first websites that clearly communicate with your visitors.
  • I can write, edit or advise you on content, and how to display it.
  • I will ask about your business and work with you to get you the best results.

What I like to do

  • Create and problem solve
  • Write clean code
  • Design for mobile first
  • Ensure faster loading times
  • Use MVC patterns to write apps







Javascript ES6












CSS Flexbox



Currently practising

Express (Node.js)    OAuth    React.js    Heroku    Google Analytics/SEO

Future study lined up...

Python    PHP    MySQL    MongoDB    ...and lots of tools from these Developer roadmaps!


Mindfully Made Gifts website

Mindfully Made Gifts

Migration from Wix to new Wordpress self-hosted site.

Wordpress eCommerce site using Woocommerce and Storefront with a customised child theme.

Home House Ramsgate website

Home House Ramsgate

Migration from to a self-hosted site.

Full update to look using a parent theme and fresh content. Added plugins and custom code via a child theme.

Interpreting Signs website

Interpreting Signs

Migration from to a self-hosted site.

Used a parent theme with a custom child theme adding more SEO, social share buttons and additonal styling.

London's Best Sushi website

London's Best Sushi

Single page application using React.js, Google Maps and Foursquare APIs to fetch data.

Restaurant list and map markers can be filtered using the search box.

PowerPanel website


Chingu open source project with two other developers.

Momentum clone using React.js, OpenWeatherMaps, Unsplash and They Said So Quotes APIs to fetch data.

Restaurant Reviews website

Restaurant Reviews

App with service worker, maps from Mapbox API, images and reviews.

Fully responsive using CSS Flexbox, media queries and correct image sizing.

Personal Portfolio website

Portfolio Site

Single page site using Bootstrap, Bootstrap snippets used for animation, SVG and CSS used for images and icons.

Contact form using HTML and PHP with modal to display privacy policy.

My Reads website

My Reads

Single page app using React.js and server to display JSON data via a backend server.

Books can be added, removed or moved around three shelves.

Equal Care Co-op website

Equal Care Co-op

Advised WYSIWYG user on look of site, integration of brand guidelines and user journey.

Integrated third party apps and added custom code.


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